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How of the SVT Cobras? As in prior years, the ‘ninety-nine SVT cobras bowed some months after mainstream models and shared most all their enhancements, with ABS and traction management customary. An antilock brake system ABS was standard for GTs and non-compulsory on base models for $0. Spearheaded by chief project engineer Janine Bay, this used the abs wheel-speed sensors to hit upon wheel slippage. On occasion, system electronics would retard the spark and cut back throttle opening till traction was restored and wheel speeds equalized. At greater highway speeds, as much as sixty-two mph, the traction-management system might additionally brake either rear wheel as wanted, hence the advertising moniker all-speed traction control. A dashboard off change enabled drivers to let it all hang out when situations, and talent, allowed.

Keep studying the SVT cobra’s special touches, together with mustang’s first independent rear suspension IRS. An additional $ bought the greater operational security of traction management, Mustang’s first. SVT treated the twin cam . V-eight to new tumble-port cylinder heads and different revisions that extracted an extra  horsepower for  total, identical to a high-possibility Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird. Horsepower right here expanded by  to , torque by  lb-feet to . The preceding .: efficiency axle was standard for both engines, bettering off-the-line snap. The three. Eight’s horsepower jumped using  to a hundred ninety, torque via  pound-toes to . A new contra-rotating balancer shaft did nothing for overall performance. How did hose down second-order vibrations for smoother operating?

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